Bargain Sale

Part gift, part cash for you. A bargain sale is when you sell your property to Dartmouth for less than it is worth. You receive cash while also making a charitable gift.
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  • Immediate income: Receive payment for the sale of your property.
  • Immediate tax benefits: Take a charitable tax deduction and possibly reduce capital gains tax.
  • Future financial benefits: Reduce your estate taxes and lower probate costs.

How It Works

A bargain sale can be an attractive form of charitable giving for those ready to benefit from their appreciated assets, whether a plot of land, an art collection, or vacation home. Through this arrangement, you sell valuable real estate or other tangible personal property to Dartmouth for less than the fair market value. You earn immediate cash from the sale, and the difference between the selling price and assessed value is considered a contribution to the College. Dartmouth then sells the property and puts the money earned toward programs and initiatives chosen by you.

Note: You may be responsible for a partial capital gains tax.

Next Steps

If you have property you’d like to offer to Dartmouth, contact the Gift Planning Office to learn more about how the bargain sale process works and whether it’s right for you.

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