The Bartlett Tower Society

The Bartlett Tower Society celebrates the thousands of alumni, parents, and friends who are remembering Dartmouth in their estate plans. 

Joining the Bartlett Tower Society is one of the most powerful ways you can express your devotion to Dartmouth—and it’s easy. Simply name Dartmouth as a noncontingent beneficiary in your estate plans, such as your will or life insurance policy, or as a beneficiary of your 401k.

There is no minimum dollar amount required to join, and you can direct your gift to an aspect of the Dartmouth experience that is especially meaningful to you, such as an academic program, athletics, the arts, or scholarship support. And if your circumstances change, you can revise your plans. 

As a Bartlett Tower Society member, you will be invited to events on campus and around the country and will be recognized in the annual BTS honor roll in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. 

Why “Bartlett Tower”

Samuel Colcord Bartlett, Class of 1836, served as Dartmouth’s eighth president. During his tenure, the College received more than $700,000 in lifetime gifts and realized bequests, helping establish a sustainable economic foundation for Dartmouth.

Bartlett Tower, the iconic stone structure located on Observatory Hill, honors President Bartlett. The Bartlett Tower Society is proudly named after this symbol of stability and strength.

Next Steps

A great first step to learn more is to have a confidential, no-obligation conversation with a member of our Gift Planning team. Email or call 800-451-4067 to set up a time.

You may want to read samples of the simple language you can add to your will or a trust to name Dartmouth as a beneficiary of your estate planning.

We invite you to learn about the many types of planned gifts available. You will become a member of the Bartlett Tower Society by participating in any of these plans: