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Part gift, part cash for you. A bargain sale is when you sell your property to Dartmouth for less than it is worth. You receive cash while also making a charitable gift.
Designating Dartmouth as a beneficiary of your retirement plan is one of the easiest, most effective ways to support our College after your lifetime.
One of the most meaningful and common forms of gift planning is a bequest.
A charitable gift annuity allows you to make a gift to Dartmouth and receive regular fixed payments for life.
A charitable lead trust allows you to make a significant gift to Dartmouth now, while protecting your assets for future distribution to your family.
Establish a charitable remainder trust to create a stream of income and a future gift for Dartmouth.
Simplify your philanthropy. A Dartmouth Donor Advised Fund (DDAF) allows you to support Dartmouth and other charities of your choice from a single fund.
Maximize your charitable giving while minimizing your taxable income. An IRA QCD is a rewarding and easy option for donors age 70.5 and older.
Working together to invest in Dartmouth’s future: Pooled income funds allow individual donors to contribute to—and earn from—a common fund.
A retained life estate gift allows you to live out your years in your home, while knowing your property will someday significantly benefit Dartmouth.