Dartmouth Donor Advised Fund

Simplify your philanthropy. A Dartmouth Donor Advised Fund (DDAF) allows you to support Dartmouth and other charities of your choice from a single fund.
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  • Immediate tax benefit: Receive an income tax deduction based on the fair market value of your gift.
  • No fees.
  • Involvement in giving: Include your family members and make important grant decisions together; this can inspire a younger generation of donors, too.
  • DDAFs are invested alongside the endowment and receive the same rate of return.
  • Recognition: Become a member of the Bartlett Tower Society.

How It Works

The Dartmouth Donor Advised Fund could be described as a charitable checking account or a lower-cost alternative to starting a private family foundation. You create your fund with a gift of at least $250,000, and take an immediate tax deduction for the full amount. Dartmouth will invest the funds alongside the endowment for potential growth.

You make recommendations for charitable distributions at any point, with a required minimum of 5 percent distributed each year. Over time, at least half of the fund must be designated to Dartmouth purposes. The balance can be distributed to other qualified public charities of your choice. Of course, 100 percent of the fund can stay at Dartmouth.

Many families use a DDAF as a way to manage their philanthropy.

Other Details

You can use cash, real estate, stocks, and other personal property to establish your fund. The minimum annual payout is 5 percent of the fund’s fiscal year-end market value.

Next Steps

Contact the Gift Planning Office to learn how to establish a DDAF.

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