Pooled Income Funds

Working together to invest in Dartmouth’s future: Pooled income funds allow individual donors to contribute to—and earn from—a common fund.
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  • Establish an income stream: Earn payments for life, to you or beneficiaries.
  • Immediate tax benefit: Take a charitable income tax deduction.
  • Future tax benefit: Reduce or eliminate your estate taxes, and avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.
  • Recognition: Join the Bartlett Tower Society when you make a gift to a pooled income fund.

How It Works

A pooled income fund is a professionally managed fund that allows contributions from separate donors to work together. You can make a gift to the fund of your choice, using cash or stocks. Then, you’ll receive your share of the fund's annual net income. This investment earns income for you now and will support Dartmouth in the future.

Upon the death of the beneficiary or beneficiaries, the portion representing your share of the fund is distributed to Dartmouth for use in areas you specify.

You may choose from one of these three funds, based on your income and charitable giving goals:

  • The Samson Occom Pooled Income Fund seeks significant long-term growth of income. This fund provides the highest tax benefit and the greatest growth and income potential of any of the pools.
  • The John Ledyard Pooled Income Fund provides moderate growth income and an ample current yield.
  • The Old Pine Pooled Income Fund provides a generous current yield and a high degree of safety from market uncertainties. This fund is particularly appealing and appropriate for older beneficiaries.

Next Steps

Contact the Gift Planning Office to learn more about investing in pooled income funds.

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